Welcome to our EdinBraw reviews, these are our best recommendations for places to visit in Edinburgh, if you are looking for a good place to eat or drink then look no further:

VDeep Launch New Menu

Craft beer and curry: a match made in Heaven, located on Earth (in Leith). VDeep opened its doors in February and has developed a loyal fanbase in a short space of time, myself included. I've been meaning to write about it for ages and have a half-finished (glass half-full) review waiting for a few more words. [...]

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James Christie – Photography Tour

I'm one tough cookie to buy gifts for, I'm sometimes even difficult to buy cookies for (preference: chocolate hob nobs), but I love photography so EdinBloggette hit the nail on the head with this gift. A photography tour of Edinburgh, which combined two of my favourite things, and to top things off... we had flasks of tea! [...]

Craft Beer Brewday at Stewart Brewery

Beer is a thing of beauty, it has thirst quenching capabilities and if consumed correctly can make you dance 23% more impressively. When Stewart Brewing got in touch about their Craft Beer Kitchen and Brewery Tour we got so excited, we felt a little out of our depth though, we've only ever brewed cups of tea and we [...]

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Fortitude – A Coffee Converter

I'm addicted to coffee. [notification type="notification_info" ]Predictably, this post is best served with Blur, Coffee & TV: [/notification] I tried to come off it once and everything went a little Trainspotting/Snow White, I became incredibly grumpy and sleepy. The break didn't last long and I was soon back up to my normal consumption, however I vowed to make [...]

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Lioness of Leith – A Roast Post

This post is best served with the music of Husky Rescue, enjoy: Sundays are your final shot at freedom, you can wallow in dread for the upcoming return to work or you can go all out and enjoy the day through overindulgence and a multitude of meat. EdinBlogger first started over a glass (or two) of wine [...]

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Fatma – Fantastic Feast (Now Closed)

We were invited down to Fatma in Leith to celebrate its one year anniversary and to try a cuisine which we were totally unfamiliar with. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect and didn't get a chance to do some research prior to visiting, luckily Samir, the owner, was at hand to guide us through the menu and [...]

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Super Shop: Creative Cookware

We don't just eat in Edinburgh, we love a bit of shopping too - or at least looking at everything we would like to buy. We'll be featuring some of our favourite shops in Edinburgh, first up, Creative Cookware on Rose Street.   The shop is jam-packed full of colourful cooking utensils, if you are ever [...]

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